WRCD18World Red Cross Day 2018

Red Cross Lower Austria
General Josef Schmoll, BA, Chairman:
«OPUS did an excellent job, supporting this years special World Red Cross Day! The aim was to amaze all our guests, kids and adults, and relocate them in a world of emotions. Booking Circus Pikard  with all it’s artists and brand new program definitely hit the mark. We will treasure this very emotional evening for a long time! Many thanks to the team of OPUS Marketing!»

Weingut Schloss FelsWeingut Schloss Fels

Klaus Klein, Geschäftsführung:
«OPUS Marketing is showing the same diligence and passion in implementing and accomplishing events as we do when producing high-quality wines. In this way, our company anniversary has become an emotional, highly resonating event and has perfectly satisfied our expectations.»

LenzingLENZING AG (Textile industry)

Mag. Christina Kreuzwieser, Head of Global Marketing:
„The OPUS team is a creative and competent partner regarding numerous customer events, we really appreciate their professionalism and reliability. With OPUS, every event becomes a special experience for our clients.

TGWTGW Logistics Group GmbH (Intralogistics)

Michael Etlinger, Marketing & Communications Manager:
„We as TGW group create „trouble-free zones“ within the field of intralogistics for our clients. That´s exactly what our event partner OPUS does for us in terms of events of any kind. What I especially appreciate about working with OPUS is the combination of creative, appropriate conceptions and perfect, smooth realizations of events.

BraskemBRASKEM International GmbH (Petrocemicals)

Cristiano Costa, Managing Director:
„OPUS is our reliable partner for events – technical and organizational aspects are outstanding. With OPUS we are in very good hands and they always deliver what we are looking for. Two can dream a dream together. Thank you OPUS team!“